Synago Real Estate & Construction Ltd. gives 5 million shillings to the Sexy Speed Rally

When it comes to the Real Estate Business, Synago Real Estate & Construction Ltd. is fast establishing a reputation for assisting in the lease, management and sale of commercial real estate.

Its expertise also extends to advising clients on their best courses of action when deciding how to invest in or improve real property or commercial assets.

Synago Real Estate & Construction Ltd. has been doing such stellar work since 2015, along with excavation; site clearing and road works that include, most recently, the Ssese Gateway in Entebbe.

Now, they are donating 5 million shillings to the Sexy Speed Rally in Jinja, which takes place between 26th and 27th November.

Messrs. Abaho Frank and Michael Mweteise are the two men behind Synago Real Estate Ltd. and they are giving businessman and rally driver Rajiv Ruparelia 5 million in order to support his Rally Team as it attempts to extend it winning streak at the Sexy Speed Rally.


Rajiv is a relatively new person in rally driving and doing well and so we decided to come and support him as that in future as he develops the sport to the benefit of all,” said Mr. Frank Abaho when asked why Synago Real Estate & Construction Ltd. is supporting the Sexy Speed Rally.

“We are looking forward to the race and shall mobilize three Lorries to support Rajiv in Jinja,” added Mr. Mweteise.

for the next rally so that its vaccination levels can be shored up.


Clearly, the Sexy Speed Rally is ramping up interest and excitement in motorsport rally and will surely break new ground towards reinventing motorsport in Uganda, and beyond.

Only those ready to revolutionize the sport will be on show at this rally; this means this rally will showcase drivers ready to ensure the laws of physics take a backseat as they fly through the air without a parachute in sight.

Many fans will be forced to ask, when watching these drivers, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?”

No, it’s The Sexy Speed Rally!

Even though airborne, each driver will eventually touch back down on solid ground with ease — their cars, bodies, and mental states all still incredibly intact—but with only one winner.


Rajiv Rally Team: We are well organized team determined and driven to achieve great heights in motorsport. We are all about optimism, effort and never giving up


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