Rallying To The Call of a Better World

The Sexy Speed rally promises to be the biggest motor rally event around, and it will take place from 26th to 27th November in Jinja.  This event is being sponsored by Victoria University and Premier Recruitment Ltd.

This location was chosen because Jinja, although listed by the Ministry of Health as one of the districts hit hardest by Covid-19, is also one of the districts with the lowest vaccination rates.

The organizers of this event reiterated, at the launch, that the name of the event is to entice masses to turn up big for vaccination at the designated sites and show that through sport, motorsport in particular, a change can be made.

After Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team handily won the Kabalega Rally in Hoima district on October 23rd, our sponsors decided that Jinja should be Ground Zero for the next rally so that its vaccination levels can be shored up.

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The sponsors of The Sexy Speed rally are:

  • Tuffgong Holdings ( The best earth excavation company in Uganda dealing in commercial & residential client work )
  • Idro’s Food ( Kampala’s finest fast food delivery serving Afro-street foods)
  • KPI security (Uganda’s foremost security firm)

Allied to this worthy cause, we are taking this sport to the next level by driving beyond the finish line of convention towards the flag-off point of invention.

After the Kabalega Rally, everyone wondered if we have what it takes to outdo ourselves. The question hung in the air, “where do they go from here?”

To answer this, we girded our loins and decided to go where no rally team in Uganda has ever gone before.

In so doing, we are honored to take part in this high-octane motorway battle for which ordinary rules do not apply — gravity, in particular.

And so, for the first time ever in Uganda, The Sexy Speed Rally is geared to be the biggest and most outrageous rally yet.

Already, the use of curvaceous Grid Girls, who look like they just walked off the cover of the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated, is sending countrywide libidos into the red zone.

Hot ladies are the way to go in international sports: cycling, professional boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) delight fans with such beauties. Plus, they’ve been a staple of the Formula One grands prix for decades.

In this sense, The Sexy Speed Rally is not reinventing the wheel. But it is instead adapting it to modern times, to heighten the existing adrenaline levels which rally, pun unintended, to an inordinate amount of gear shifting.

Only those ready to revolutionize the sport will be on show at this rally; this means this rally will showcase drivers ready to ensure the laws of physics take a backseat as they fly through the air without a parachute in sight.

Many fans will be forced to ask, when watching these drivers, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?”

No, it’s The Sexy Speed Rally!

Even though airborne, each driver will eventually touch back down on solid ground with ease — their cars, bodies, and mental states all still incredibly intact—but with only one winner.

The actual race flags off on the 26th, we can’t wait to pump it up your year with this one-of-a-kind event.


Rajiv Rally Team: We are well organized team determined and driven to achieve great heights in motorsport. We are all about optimism, effort and never giving up


Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm; Saturday: 9am to 1pm
3rd floor, Crane Chambers, Plot No. 38 Kampala Road, Uganda
+(256) 708 888 868